Bellway Homes Proposals

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Bellway Homes Proposals

Many of you will be aware of the proposals for residential development upon the horse fields immediately adjacent to the School which are being promoted by Bellway Homes Limited.

At present, it is understood is that there is no planning application before Chelmsford Borough Council, the relevant planning authority but that a pre-application process is underway. It appears likely that a planning application will be submitted during the Autumn of 2017.

Some of you will have attended the consultation meeting which Bellway held recently. It has been alleged that at this meeting it was reported to residents that the School had been consulted in relation to these proposals and was supportive.

Irrespective of whether there is any truth in these allegations I thought I should take the opportunity following discussion at the Full Governing Body meeting held on 10th July, to confirm the School’s current position in relation to these proposals.

To date, no discussions whatsoever have taken place between any representatives of the school and the developer. Requests for a meeting received from the developer have been referred to Essex County Council, the education authority responsible for school development in Essex and statutory consultee in relation to any planning application. It is understood the Essex County Council has met the developer and we will continue to monitor the situation.

In relation to previous planning applications for residential development in Great Leighs, the Governing Body has taken the view that it should take a neutral stance and leave the determination of such applications to the local planning authority.

In the case of any planning application that, because of its proximity, directly affects the education of children at the School, however, the Governing Body will carefully evaluate such proposals and make representations to both to the County Council and the local planning authority as it sees appropriate.

In particular, as well as considering any benefits that the proposals have upon the School, governors will consider any adverse affect upon its context, setting, or amenity, including the implications for the adjoining roads and access to the School.

The implications of the residential development currently proposed is likely to be significant and the Governing Body will continue to maintain contact with the County Council as the situation progresses.




Tim Hancock

Chair of Governors


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