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Our Class Teacher is Miss Ellen Steward

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Year 5 Teaching Fun!

Jack Raven and Finley Perkins became the teachers on Tuesday, and used their expertise and taught the class how to play golf. Everyone had a go at putting, chipping and a long shot.


Mole Class trip to Writtle College

On Wednesday 7th June, Mole class went to the Food and Farming show in Writtle college, and made a Scarecrow out of different patches, and called him Bobby.


Kwik Cricket

We were against six other teams and only one of them was another year 5 team, all the rest were year 6! We didn’t win but were really proud of ourselves for coping with the heat!’


Year 5 Space Workshop

On Tuesday 16th May, Mole class had a Space Workshop. A man called Jerry Stone came in and talked to us about Space. He asked us how far the Moon was from the Earth, and our guess was quite far out, it’s over 240,000 miles away (the same as 30 Earths). We looked at all the planets and the 5 dwarf planets.