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E-Safety Tip of the Week

Activate safe search settings on Google and other search engines, or use safe search engines such as or


E-Safety Tip of the Week

Ensure your children know how to report Someone if needed.  Most games and social Media will have a report button.  This isn’t to be used lightly though!


Super Sparklers

This week Year 1 used sparklers as a stimulus for our poetry writing. Each child held a lit sparkler, whilst the flame descended we discussed the smells, sights and sounds.


Order school dinners online

Don’t forget to order your child’s school dinner on the ParentMail payment system.  If you need any help, just pop in to the office on Monday morning.


Design our school grounds

e are currently looking for ideas to develop our school grounds. We would like your input. Your challenge is to design a new area for our grounds that would be beneficial to our whole school.