Our Latest Sporting Events

On Tuesday we went to the 3 tees county final which was against 11 other schools from around the whole of Essex. Some of the matches were easy but some were really hard. There were 4 other schools in our pool and we came 2nd in our pool. 

Proms in the Playground

It turned out to be in the hall but there were still great performances. Millie started the solo acts on her cello after some amazing singing from the choir.

End Ball Gt Leighs v Boreham

Our team was Gaby, Lauren, Connor D, Connor K, Finlay B, Finley P, Olivia, Alicia, Harry, Jonathan, Coby, Flogert, Isabelle, Jamie and Daisy C.

Hockey Tournament Results

Overall we came 6th out of 22 teams.  Cooper, Archie, George, Reece, Phoebe, Lily and Poppy were in the team and our scores were…

Year 2 Mini Games

On Tuesday afternoon Rabbit class went to the exciting Mini Games.  We had made hats and flags and we wore them on the coach.  We could not use the track outside because it was raining so we went inside a big hall. 

Netball News – Gt Leighs v Bishops

We had a good match against Bishops during the week. Unfortunately the heat and height was against us on the day and they beat us 18-0. All our team played super well but our opponents were very tall!

KS1 3 Tees Competition

On Wednesday KS1 played Three Tees Cricket. We had lots of fun. There were fielders and batters. When we weren’t playing we sat in the bandstand and had a drink. We had great fun.