Weekly Awards – 17th November 2017

Golden Award

You have made a super effort in class which has meant you have achieved something great!  Well done everyone!

  • Squirrel: Isla

  • Buzzard: Erin

  • Robin: Samuel

  • Rabbit: Zachary

  • Badger: Katie

  • Hedgehog: Autumn

  • Mole: Alex

  • Owl: Tom

reading star

You have all made a super effort with your reading at home and at school!  Well done everyone! 

  • Squirrel: Monty

  • Buzzard: Cara

  • Robin: Millie

  • Rabbit: Sofia

  • Badger: George

  • Hedgehog: Karl

  • Mole: Heidi

  • Owl: Carter

super speller

You have all made a huge effort with your spelling, which means we have seen a great improvement!  Well done everyone!

  • Squirrel: Alice

  • Buzzard: Albert

  • Robin: Ronnie

  • Rabbit: Alfie

  • Badger: Cameron

  • Hedgehog: Rufus

  • Mole: Tia

  • Owl:  Olivia

 The Attendance Cup

The Attendance Cup goes to Badger Class with 98.9% attendance for last week.  Well done to you all!