Healthy Schools

First Awarded to Great Leighs Primary School in 2010

Renewed for 2014

Our policy

Being at Great Leighs school is not all about learning and fun! We are healthy too. We believe strongly that happy healthy children learn, grow and develop into wonderful people. Our children agreed, with the help of the school council, that our school policy was to have a healthy fruit or vegetable based snack Monday to Thursday and, as is healthy in life, a treat day would be Friday.  We also have a Healthy Crew who meet half termly to discuss how we can continually make the school a healthier and happier place.

Please click here to view a powerpoint that the Healthy Crew presented to the school to promote healthy snacks and good hygiene. 

Click here to see a poster that the Healthy Crew compiled about esafety.

Looking for ideas for a healthy lunchbox?  Click here for ideas for a healthy lunch box from the Healthy Crew.

Great Leighs keeping healthy

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Below are some very useful web links to recipes, advice and fun activities that can be supportive for yourself, and your child.

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