Internet Safety at Great Leighs School

At Foundation Stage our children use specific programmes directed by the teacher to support their learning.

As the children enter Key Stage 1 children are expected to use the internet to research a variety of topics. From this age upwards all children receive an annual internet safety session at the beginning of the autumn term in line with our Responsible Internet Use Agreement

At this time parents are asked to discuss internet safety with their child and both child and parent need to sign and return our Responsible Internet Permission Form which is required in order that children can use the Internet in a supervised manner at school.

Following a meeting in February 2015 with local headteachers, it has been recognised that, at times, schools have needed to deal with issues arising from a negative use of social media websites, where inappropriate comments regarding the school or members of its community have been made and, as a result of the meeting, all schools would write to their parents regarding this issue.  Please click here to view a copy of this letter.

We regularly publish e-Safety tips on our website, all of which can be found below:

E-Safety Tip of the Week

Activate safe search settings on Google and other search engines, or use safe search engines such as or

E-Safety Tip of the Week

Ensure your children know how to report Someone if needed.  Most games and social Media will have a report button.  This isn’t to be used lightly though!


Other Links

Links to guidance for e-safety in the home and use of email and social networking sites is located below:

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