We have high expectations of the behaviour of our pupils both in conduct and in learning. We promote courtesy, respect and manners. We discuss our expectations at the beginning of the academic year so pupils are clear about how they should behave both in school and on the playground. We also discuss with our pupils the learning behaviours they need in order to learn most effectively e.g. looking at adults and children when they are speaking, listening carefully to instructions given so they know what to do and how to work well in group situations.

We reinforce good behaviour and praise pupils who show good behaviours by awarding family points or stickers. Time out is given to those children who need to reflect on their behaviour and we expect apologies to be given where appropriate. Children may be kept in for poor behaviour or poor learning behaviours. White slips are sent home if staff consider that parents need to know about poor behaviour and red slips are sent home for more serious incidents. The red slip indicates a detention when a pupil needs to miss half an hour of their lunch time. Both the white and red slips need to be signed by a parent and returned to school. This enables parents to discuss issues with their child and supports our desire to have good behaviours at all time in school.


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