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Childrens SEF 2017

Meet our School Council

Squirrel Class – Emmie and Luke, Otter Class – Emily and Theo, Rabbit Class – Scarlett and Mason, Badger Class – Mia N and Oliver, Muntjac Class – Mia S and Kai, Hedgehog Class – Isabelle and Thomas, Mole Class – Phoebe and Noah, Owl Class – Angel and Joel

SAM_2418 Two pupils from each class are elected every year to the school council. They gain feedback from their fellow classmates on a wide range of topics from which charity to support to what play equipment they would like added to the playground. They meet once a month to discuss any issues that have been raised and meet regularly with Mrs. Waters to put forward their proposals.


Check out what our School Council have been up!

School Council

Welcome to our new School Council! Good luck in your new roles.

School Council

Welcome to our new School Council! We are delighted to have children from all year groups in our School Council this year.

Visit from Braintree Fire Brigade

A big ‘thank you’ to our School Council for inviting Braintree Fire Brigade to lunch on Thursday this week, and to Sam and her team for providing a great lunch with a fire brigade theme – the badge on the delicious cake dessert!

Keeping children safe

Thank you to all parents for the support given for our new security arrangements which will benefit our children.



Meet our Healthy Crew


In July 2014 two of our students along with Mrs. Paton (a Governor), some parents and Mrs. Waters started a Healthy Schools Crew. When we came back in September we expanded the crew with an extra two children from each year. We discussed what we could do to make the crew more visible in the school – starting with a poster and changing our name to the Keep Healthy Crew. We now have our own display board that we have filled with messages. The crew try to persuade people to have a healthy snack on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Also, all the healthy members receive a badge so people can recognise them. We have had visits from a nurse who has helped us understand how to keep clean and how to deal with problems such as nits and worms. We want our school to be a healthy place to be!

Keep up with the latest Healthy Crew News !

Healthy Crew

Meet our new Healthy Crew.  Good luck in your new roles!

Healthy School Award

Last Friday we went to the Chelmsford City Race Course to go to an awards presentation for Healthy Schools. We were there for a total of five hours.

Keep Healthy Crew

We are looking for parents to join our Healthy Crew. If you would like to help our school continue to develop our Healthy Schools status and are interested in taking part in meetings with the children and staff to bring new ideas and initiatives to the school you would be very welcome.

Keep Healthy Crew

Our keep Healthy Crew led an assembly yesterday and reminded us about two key areas.

Meet our Peer Mentors

peer mentors

Peer Mentors have completed their training and are now qualified to help their peers and fellow school mates resolve issues.

Meet our Sports Captains


Gaby, Lauren, Alicia, Coby, Max and Connor

They have taken over the role of ‘play leaders’ and their duties will include helping to organise and run family sports competitions, develop games and activities at break times and encouraging physical activity across all year groups.

Meet our Prefects


As prefects, they perform a range of duties throughout the school including corridor monitor, assist the office, help out in other classes at wet play.