School Families

At Great Leighs Primary school we are organised into five very special families.  Each child and member of staff is in a family, which is the name of a tree.

We meet twice per term in our family to share ideas and fun activities.  We collect family points each week for excellent work, being respectful and good behaviour. A cup is awarded in Achievement Assembly each week for the family that has collected the most points.

Check the foyer display for this week’s winner.

2017/2018 Family Groups

In each family group, the Year 6 children gave a presentation on why they wanted to lead the family and the skills they had to do this.  Following the presentations the other family members voted for their leaders.  Here are the successful Family Captains and Vice-Captains.


Congratulations and good luck in your new roles.

Keep up with what the families get up to here!

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