Performance and Music Opportunities

Parents are invited to a Christmas Nativity (Key Stage 1) and a Christmas Celebration (Key Stage 2).

Year 2 take part in the Infant Music Festival and then puts on a school version of the production with the rest of KS1 for parents.

Key Stage 2 put on a summer production.

There are also other opportunities to perform throughout the year, some of which are detailed below:

Cinderella Rockafella

On 12th July, KS2 performed in front of KS1. The Play was called Cinderella Rockafella. There were some funny parts in it like the ugly sisters, (Teddy and Archie). Personally my favourite part was when the ugly sisters were at monsieur bun le bakers. We hope you all enjoyed our production.

Proms in the Playground

It turned out to be in the hall but there were still great performances. Millie started the solo acts on her cello after some amazing singing from the choir.

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World

On Tuesday we did a play called Eddie the Penguin Saves the World. There were 6 penguins and I was the Uncle penguin. The message of the play was to stop global warming.

Junior Music Festival

As always, it was a real privilege to attend the Junior Music Festival at the Civic Theatre on Thursday evening.